Addiction Therapy Programs in Midland, TX

Addiction can be a tough thing to beat. For many people, quitting cold turkey fails and inpatient rehab is the only thing that works. Once out of rehab, continued addiction therapy programs in Midland are often ideal if you want to stay sober.

When it comes to addiction therapy programs, most people don't really understand what they're all about. While they do vary in broad ways, the main goal of all addiction therapy programs is to help you overcome addiction.

In many therapy programs for addiction, a different approach is taken beyond the standard clinical treatment of addiction. For many people, combining a standard medical treatment with therapy programs for addiction offers the best results.

Keep reading to learn more about addiction therapy programs in Midland and how they can help you.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is what happens when a person abuses drugs or alcohol and becomes physically dependent on them. In most cases, this takes six months to a year or more. Addiction can go on for many years however.

When dealing with addiction, getting help can be a tricky process. While basic treatment like inpatient or outpatient care may be beneficial, other options are available for people who do not always do well with just those programs.

For example, many people who have been through traumatic events often do best when they are involved in addiction therapy programs in Midland that allow them to express their feelings without having to speak to a counselor or large group all the time.

No matter what kind of addiction or past you have, addiction therapy programs are available to help you recover from drug or alcohol abuse.

Types of Therapy Programs for Addiction

Getting help for an addiction is essential for many people who want to beat drugs and alcohol. Trying to do everything on your own simply isn't going to cut it in most cases. A drug intervention in Midland may be necessary to convince someone who is no longer in control to get help.

When it comes to addiction therapy, there are a wide variety of programs out there designed to help. Addiction therapy programs in Midland include:

Art therapy is a type of therapy that's designed to help addicts express their feelings in a non-verbal way. In art therapy programs, all types of materials are used, from painting, to drawing and singing.

While more women tend to take part in art therapy than men, programs are generally open to both sexes. For many people who have gone through traumatic experiences in their lives, related to addiction or not, art therapy is beneficial. Many people also gain a sense of peace and a better understanding of themselves and their addiction by taking part in art therapy.

Moral reconation therapy, often abbreviated to MRT, is a type of therapy program designed to help people make wise moral choices when it comes to addiction and substance abuse. For many people, this type of treatment aims to bring a sense of logic and order to treating addiction.

In many MRT programs, counselors with addicts to help them realize how they can change their behavior and become better people in the process. MRT therapy is commonly used for juvenile delinquents, criminals and addicts alike, though the processes are considerably different, as well as the motivations behind the underlying change.

12-step programs are perhaps the most common types of addiction therapy programs in Midland. Chances are you even know somebody who is or has been involved in a 12-step program in the past. In 12-step programs, a structured system is used to help addicts recover from an addiction. Staying clean is a prime goal, but getting past failure and accepting your past are also part of treatment.

Unlike many programs, 12-step programs typically do not end and require ongoing maintenance. This can be very helpful for addicts when it comes to relapse prevention in Midland if the program feels like a good fit for them.

These are just a few of the main types of therapy programs for addiction that you can find in Midland. Along with these, family therapy, men's and women's therapy and a whole host of other options exist.

Take your time and do the research when it comes to continued therapy in Midland. You can keep addiction at bay if you work with the right support group and seek the help you need today. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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