Relapse Prevention in Midland, TX

Going through drug and alcohol treatment to beat an addiction is one of the hardest things a person will ever have to do. Once you get through rehab though, that doesn't mean that all of your work is done. Relapse prevention in Midland is a major issue for many people.

While relapse prevention treatment isn't a concept most people understand too well, the fact is that avoiding addiction once you get clean is of the utmost importance. Trying to do it on your own isn't going to work in many cases though.

Keep reading to learn more about relapse prevention treatment and how it can help you when you're feeling weak. Even if you've already going through rehab, there are still support systems out there. Relapse prevention for addiction should be part of your plan to stay clean and sober for good.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse prevention is a simple concept. For many people that go through addiction treatment, relapse is common once they return to the normal world.

Relapse prevention programs give addicts the tools they need to cope with life clean and sober. They also aim to keep addicts from becoming one of the many people who will go through relapse.

Relapse Statistics Amongst Addicts and Alcoholics

Going through drug or alcohol rehab is one of the smartest things you'll ever do if you have a problem with addiction. Once you leave rehab though, the chances that you'll slip and begin using again are alarmingly high.

Even if you have a lot of willpower and know you want to stay clean it's easy to make a single mistake. Once that mistake is made, many people find it hard to get back to a place where they can stay healthy.

  • Alcohol addicts relapse at a rate of 50% to 90%. Not all relapses are severe, but this rate is very high. That's why you need a plan that involves relapse prevention for addiction if alcohol use is a concern.
  • Drug addicts relapse at a rate of 40% to 80%. Also quite high, relapse prevention for addiction is essential for individuals who have a history of abusing illegal or prescription drugs.

These relapse rates may seem high, but relapse is common. With the right relapse prevention treatment, you don't have to be one of the statistics.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Relapse

Relapse is far too common in the lives of many addicts. Seeking relapse prevention in Midland can help you avoid the pain of relapse and putting your friends and family through another round of rehabilitation treatment.

For many addicts, knowing the signs and symptoms of relapse can help them avoid it in the future.

Common signs and symptoms of relapse include:

  • Thinking of using again or rationalizing why you can handle drugs or alcohol now that you've been through treatment.
  • Talking to people you used to use with.
  • Going to places where you used to buy drugs, alcohol or use regularly.
  • Avoiding meetings or relapse prevention treatment currently in place because you're thinking of using again.

Stages of Relapse

Relapse prevention in Midland is essential if you want to live a life of sobriety after you leave inpatient or outpatient rehab. Understanding the stages of relapse so you can see them coming and stop yourself from using is also important.

The stages of relapse include:

  • Emotional relapse. Emotional relapse is the process of going through familiar paths or taking on past behavior that caused you to use in the first place. Many addicts don't recognize emotional relapse when it happens.
  • Mental relapse. Mental relapse is the process of thinking about using drugs or alcohol again. Rationalizing how you will be able to control your use this time around is common during mental relapse. Dual diagnosis treatment in Midland can treat the mental symptoms of addiction making relapse due to a mental disorder less likely.
  • Physical relapse. Physical relapse is the process of making plans to use drugs or alcohol or actually using them. Buying drugs or alcohol, even if they are not used, is often considered part of physical relapse for many people.

In many cases, relapse doesn't fall strictly into one of these categories. Many addicts who go through treatment programs in Midland find themselves mixing these relapse types and experiencing more than one symptom at a time.

Staying on top of your relapse prevention in Midland and knowing the signs of relapse can help. When it comes to relapse prevention for addiction, don't assume you have to do everything alone either.

Friends, family members, and most importantly professional relapse experts and programs, should be in the mix as well. You didn't beat drugs and alcohol alone, so why continue fighting against relapse all by yourself? Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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